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Henna hair salon
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 Over Davidcrowell
Henna hair salon can be found all over Australia. The good ones being the Indian henna hair salons, (this is because henna treatment is part of their culture).

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What Happens In The Henna Hair Salon

There are many henna products out for sale in the market but most henna salons use herbal henna due to its natural ingredients. The henna basically treats the scum, and make the hair shiny. The herbal product is 100% natural and some stylists wear gloves if they want to protect their hands from colour. Otherwise most use free hands if they do not mind the henna colour in their palms

1. They first mix a 50 gram henna with warm water. Yoghurt is added for people with rough curly hair. The mixture is then stirred into a smooth paste and set it aside for at least three hours.

2. When the henna is ready after three hours, the client’s hair is detangled and a border line made with the henna.

3. Hair from the mid-section of the crown is lifted up. Here, the stylists makes sure that he selects at exactly the mid-section such that the mountain that is to be created does not fall over.

4. The henna is applied thoroughly on the roots and a little more on the shaft of the hair. The stylist works on the paste thoroughly such that every single strand gets the paste.

5. A first small mountain is made on the head the center of the client’s crown in a spiral manner.

6. This is likewise done all round the skull thoroughly with a wipe brush, from the hair roots downwards.

7. For long hair, it really becomes hard to build a mountain, thus, thin strands are picked bit by bit, from below the other such that each strand is left on top of the other. Thereafter, the roots are then applied with the paste. The mountain forms in a perfect spiral manner.

8. After application is done, the henna paste is left to settle in the hair for about an hour to ensure maximum adherence of the paste. Here, a shower cap is put on the client’s head.

9. The henna is then washed off with plain warm or cold water as preferred by the client, (no shampoo needed)

Men can also use this product because 40% of human heat is lost at the heads crown so it is important to keep the one’s hair and skull cool. Application can be done once in every 15 days. Some might be worried about catching a cold. Well, you can also apply warm henna paste. After being left for three hours, warm using a microwave to about 35oC – warm henna is good on the skull. Alternatively, put two drops of eucalyptus oil in the paste to avoid catching a cold. Henna is not only for people with grey hair. Even young people can use it for shine and luster. It has no side effects unlike hair dyes.

Henna hair salon can be found all over Australia. The good ones being the Indian henna hair salons, (this is because henna treatment is part of their culture). This does not mean that the others are ruled out.